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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 10  ABC  November 2, 2015 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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during classes. parents, if they wanted to, could take their kids out of school for the day. kcrg t-v nine's dubuque bureau chief katie wiedemann explains the pros and cons of the police department's anonymous tip system. early this morning, monticello police chief britt smith received a message on his phone. it was a notification that someone has sent an anonymous tip to the jones county "text to tell" system. "it just said, "a student may attempt to possibly bring a gun to the monticello high school. " and that's where the communication stopped. monticello police chief britt smith says monday's situation hight-lights the downside of a system that's otherwise been very helpful in collecting crime tips. here's how it works. "in the "to" box you would just type crimes. c-r-i-m-e-s. " the tipster then types their tip in the body of the text. police receive that message, from an alias number. officers can respond by asking follow up questions. but the tipster can end all communication
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at any time, by simply typing stop. "with this program granting that anonymity we aren't able to clarify. we aren't able to update people. it's just an unknown until we are able to get someone to admit that and say "i submitted it". " without that kind of admission, police can't do much more to investigate the school threat. "we have this sort of anxiety with parents that just because this day is over doesn't mean that there's not going to have some anxiety when sending the kids back to school tomorrow. " monticello, anamosa, the jones county sheriff and jones county safe and healthy youth coalition split the two thousand dollar annual subscription cost for the texting program. so far, chief smith says that's money well spent. "most generally is drug use. and people are around people using drugs in a situation where they don't feel comfortable. it's very easy for them to discretely pick up the phone and send a message, because who doesn't do that? " it's the ups and downs that come with advances
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wiedemann kcrg tv-9 news. monticello police chief britt smith spent the day at the high school. he says students arrived at normal times and then learned of the threat. he says the majority of the students left school early for the day. turning now to meteorologist joe winters. joe, what a start to november we've had. what a spectacular run of early november weather! three days in a row with highs near or above 70 for this time of the year is a rarity. tonight some fog develops in the western part of the state and will have to be watched to see if any makes its way into eastern iowa. the next big change comes thursday as a cold front arrives bringing showers and seasonable temperatures for the end of the week and the upcoming weekend. tonight: mostly clear low: 45-51 winds: s 5-10tomorrow: mostly sunny high: 67-73 winds: s 10-15 back to you.
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candidates that called for changes to future debates appears to be crumbling. several campaigns including donald trump's have said they will not sign a letter to the media that lists demands for future debates. the letter calls for conservative moderators, as well an opportunity for opening and closing statements. now trump's campaign has told the washington post that it'll negotiate directly with t-v executives. the call for changes came after many candidates expressed frustration over how c-n-b-c ran last week's debate. university of iowa president bruce harreld says he hopes students, faculty and staff give him a chance as he begins his new job. today was his first day as the head of the university.
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some gathered outside his office in jessup hall. they called on him to resign, saying he has little academic experience. and they fear he could cut programs that don't bring in money. but harreld, whose background is as a businessman, says he wants to talk with people about their concerns. "we've got to move on. this institution today is a lot different than it was in 1847. it's going to be a lot different moving forward. if we're going to continue the great, excellent things that have gone on here in iowa city, what's the plan? what's their plan? please, let's engage." harreld has a five year contract with an annual salary of 590-thousand dollars. the johnson county supervisors are creating a committee to review the impact of the county's minimum wage increase. this is video from when the supervisors approved the ordinance in september. the first of three boosts went into effect yesterday, raising the wage to eight dollars, 20
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cents an hour. it will eventually increase to 10 dollars and 10 cents in 2017. the supervisors hope the committee will help them better understand the challenges of low wage workers, along with the needs of employers. governor branstad says he would be okay with using eminent domain for an oil pipeline. but he told reporters today at his weekly news conference that he'll let the iowa utilities board decide whether to approve eminent domain for the proposed bakken oil pipeline. the pipeline would stretch from north dakota, through much of iowa, to southern illinois. and it would carry up to 570 thousand barrels of crude oil each day. the utilities board will hold hearings later this month on whether to allow eminent domain. "branstad - they're not taking the land. they're only using the land to put a pipeline through. we've had thousands of miles of pipelines put through this state " the board could make a decision on the proposed pipeline next month or in
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dubuque wants to buy a water and sewer service that could become a money maker. tonight, the city council discussed purchasing twin ridge water for one point three million dollars. the private company services about 100 properties in the twin ridge subdivision in the key west area. dubuque city leaders says having more customers means more money for the city. people at the grout museum district in waterloo say they need more funds because they're struggling to make ends meet. tomorrow, waterloo voters will decide on a property tax levy for the museum district, which includes five buildings, including the sullivan brothers iowa veterans museum and the grout museum of history and science. the levy would be 27 cents per one thousand dollars of taxable property value. that's about a dollar-25 extra per month for a 100-thousand dollar home. it would raise about 600- thousand dollars each year. kcrg t-v nine's jill kasparie joins us in the studio.
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jill, what are people saying about this vote? well, i talked with more than a dozen people today as we spent time in waterloo. more than half said they supported the cause, while some others didn't know about it. one man told us his vote was still to be determined. for those involved in the campaign process, they're working up until the last minute. "i have been doing this since 10:00 this morning. i have been out here all day, so i have a few more hours to go until the end." renaldo haywood has his hands full of fliers for this final push before election day. "you bring up taxes and you get a lot of different answers. a lot of them may be negative but once i start breaking them down and saying what it's going for. it's about $1.25 a household, so that's like a cup of coffee a month." this will be the second time voters take on the issue. it failed by about 600 votes in 2013. "19:52:16 this one i think is different because we've done more of a grass roots effort to try to get the word
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knocking." cindy wells is leading the committee behind this effort. she says shortly after the last vote failed, the museum district made tough decisions to cut costs. without this money, she's worried about future cuts to childrens' programming. "there are some programs that i worry about - is the stem program - and i just worry year-after-year there's more cuts until it's just a bare bones. we don't want it stagnate, that's the worst part of a museum or any type of a facility - to be stagnant. nobody wants to keep coming, seeing the same thing every time." waterloo voters hold all the power in this decision. "19:47:18 i think with the kids nowadays they need a place to go learn their history and local culture and just learn in general and stay out of trouble." " 19:49:21 i think it's probably just a matter of people getting out to vote for it. that people don't know it's an urgency issue and it's a need for the museum district. " that's exactly what haywood is focused on - getting people the information they need and getting them
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out to vote. "today is a very busy day." those behind this campaign effort say when the district added the veteran's museum into the mix, the future plan included working to come up with more funding. they believe this funding is the most reliable source. bruce? thanks, jill. some landlords in black hawk county are not happy with the sheriff's office. they say it's taking way too long for the office to sever eviction notices to tenants. and find out who's moving on in the high school football playoffs, tonight on friday night
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weather! three days in a row with highs near or above 70 for this time of the year is a rarity. tonight some fog develops in the western part of the state and will have to be watched to see if any makes its way into eastern iowa. the next big change comes thursday as a cold front arrives
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for the end of the week and the upcoming weekend. tonight: mostly clear low: 45-51 winds: s 5-10tomorrow: mostly sunny high: 67-73 winds: s 10-15tomorrow night: mostly clear low: 47-53 winds: s 5-15wednesday: mostly sunny high: 72 - low: 50 thursday: pm showers likely high: 63 - low: 54 friday: am showers likely high: 53 - low: 43 saturday: partly cloudy high: 49 - low: 34 sunday: mostly sunny high: 53 - low: 30 monday: mostly sunny high: 57 - low: 33
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thanks joe. landlords in black hawk county are frustrated over how long it's taking the sheriff's office to serve eviction notices on tenants. they say the process usually takes about a week, but now it can take a month. kcrg t-v nine's brea love explains why landlords say it's hurting their businesses.
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the sergeant who normally runs the civil division is out on medical leave for the next four months, and landlords think that is causing a backup. "i've got one that i got the eviction two weeks ago, but its still going to be the 9th. which means they got free rent for october, they're going to get free rent in november." "we're totally losing money." landlords are also worried about damage to their property. "we have some tenants that are obviously not really happy about us evicting them. a lot of them can leave damages behind breaking windows putting holes in walls, an extra three weeks or so gives them a lot of extra time." willis says the landlords understand and appreciate the sheriff's office, but want some help on easing the pressure being put on them. i went to the black hawk county sheriff's office, and i was told things are moving as fast as possible. "the sergeant who normally runs the civil division he is off on an extended leave. i've stepped in to take his place." "we've got them scheduled." capitan boeschen says they can only do three evictions a day. "we've got a total of 24 evictions scheduled
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monday through friday and we only do evictions on day shift because of the iowa code." landlords say in the mean time they have to be patient. "we've never had this problem before but i think everything just kind of hit the sheriff's department at once." "we have to wait, it's so frustrating, it's just a waiting game." in waterloo, brea love, kcrg-tv nine news. alliant energy has teamed up with the city of oelwein to help people reduce their energy costs. together they're offering energy audits and will weatherize any home for free. it's part of the "hometown rewards" to cut energy usage. so far, 60 oelwein home owners have signed up to get the free help. "we have newer windows, we have a newer roof but i'd like to see them come in and let us know what needs to be improved." americorps can't do large jobs like adding insulation or replacing windows. but if the audit finds air
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caulk, add weather stripping to doors, and other small jobs to improve energy savings. aviation experts believe a passenger plane that crashed in egypt broke apart in midair. now they're trying to pinpoint what caused the plane to disintegrate, killing everyone on
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investigators are working to find out what caused how a russian passenger plane to crash in the egyptian desert saturday, killing all 224
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people on board. russia's metrojet airline believes external forces caused the crash, ruling out mechanical problems and pilot error. but others say it's too early to tell. the plane was traveling from a resort city in egypt to st. petersburg, carrying mostly russian passengers. it was flying at a normal altitude over the sinai when it suddenly crashed only 23 minutes into the flight. the plane did not send a distress signal. aviation experts believe the plane broke apart midair, and the wreckage will hold the answers. " you can certainly see whether there were any sign of a bomb or a missile striking the aircraft. they leave very distinctive marking" isis claimed responsibility for the plane crash, but aviation experts say it's unlikely the terrorist group has the ability to shoot down an airliner. cleanup efforts are underway after severe storms rolled through several southern states over the weekend. there
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have been at least 18 tornadoes in the past three days, from texas to georgia. the national weather service says it's the largest outbreak since july. parts of texas also experienced flooding, which has killed at least six people. we'll give you a last check of your forecast, coming up next... and scott saville and the sports team will have a special playoff edition of friday night
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we're now taking nominations for our nine who care awards. each year, t-v nine and our show you care sponsors honor nine outstanding eastern iowa
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care. you can nominate a volunteer by going to kcrg dot com slash care. nominations are due by december first. one last look at the forecast, joe... what a spectacular run of early november weather! three days in a row with highs near or above 70 for this time of the year is a rarity. tonight some fog develops in the western part of the state and will have to be watched to see if any makes its way into eastern iowa. the next big change comes thursday as a cold front arrives bringing showers and seasonable temperatures for the end of the week and the upcoming weekend. tonight: mostly clear low: 45-51 winds: s 5-10tomorrow: mostly sunny high: 67-73 winds: s 10-15 thanks, joe. that's it for us tonight, but don't go away. scott saville and the t-v nine sports team are up next with high school football playoff highlights on a monday night edition of friday night
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endzone.. we are covering games all over eastern iowa tonight in the second round. lets start off right here at kingston stadium the undefeated kennedy cougars hosted north scott.. joe girdner joins us live from kingston and joel how did the cougars look tonight? joel ad lib intro
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kennedy has been absolutely manhandling opponents in the trenches all year long....and it would be no different tonight.first offensive series for the cougars....wh o else? senior running back tyler draille takes it in from 7 yards out to give kennedy an early lead. north scott moved the ball well in the first half...but could never finish off kier brown coughs up the ball a..nd todd gusta is johnny on the spot for kennedy.... ensuing drive for the cougars.....draille again...this time from 5 yards out to make it 14-0. move to the 2nd quarter....and if it ain't broke don't fix it.....draille another short touchdown run. and just when you start to load the box to stop draille....nick duehr goes play
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action pass and finds the big man....shawn beyer from 22 yards out to give kennedy a 28-7 lead heading into the break. the third quarter the cougs got a little're flowing hard one way to stop draille and the reverse it on you to beyer. beyer gets deep into lancer territory and.....who else....but draille would finish that drive off too.....his fourth of the game....the cougars cruise to the quarterfinals 49-7. head coach brian white on his senior workhorse running back.
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west branch ranked second in class 1a hosted pella christian tonight mark carlson has
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undefeated west branch got off to a fast start, scoring on the opening drive. then cooper koenig went to work with his legs on their second drive. koenig makes it 13-0 with the qb sneak, the extra point was blocked. but pella christian wasn't phased. they get things going at the end of the first quarter with a long ball to levi jungling. then cap off the drive with a short scamper up the middle by sam fredrickson to make it 13-7. things would slow down in the second quarter with. at half it's still 13-7. but the action would pick up right away in the 3rd. pella christian qb david kacmarynski with a long run to the start the quarter..and he almost goes, but hunter wargo tracks him down right before he crosses the goal line.levi jungling would finish the drive for pella, to make it 14-13. but west branch would answer right away. driving the ball back down field and eventually giving it to devin kindon for the score. west branch would add the two point conversion to get it to 21-14, and they wouldn't look back. winning this
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one 42-27. in west branch, mark carlson, kcrg tv nine sports. sideline freddy joins me now and you made the long trek to brooklyn tonight. top ranked bgm hosted lisbon. yes, this one played at the den, the bear den in brooklyn..... but the lions drew first blood. fourth and goal at the three, hunter robinson floats one to blake langhurst. 6 zip lisbon.defens es then dominated the rest of the half. for lisbon, zach struber and company hog tie colton massengale. the bears were also laying the wood to people. kaden feeblecorn with the big hit here. late in the second qtr bgm faked the punt. feeblekorn throws and austin krob intercepts and returns to midfield. under a minute to go in the half and the bears were threatening again. quarterback tanner jansen doing most of the damage on
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